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The Sea Of Madness podcast

The Sea of Madness is a horror movie review podcast that celebrates all that the genre has to offer. We break down the plots of our favorite movies, games, and other horror content to give you the biggest thrills and the bloodiest kills. Check us out, you won’t live to regret it.
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Jul 15, 2015

Imagine a place where, for one night a year, nothing is illegal.  There are no police, no medical services, no help, there is only the Purge.  

Welcome to the Sea of Madness horror podcast!  In this episode we talk about the 2013 movie the Purge.  This movie poses the question, what would happen if you could commit any act of violence without threat of arrest for one night a year?  Would you go on the prowl, looking for homeless people to torturer and kill or would you hold up at home with your mal-adjusted family and a remote controlled burnt baby tank?  

This film received 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Did we like it more than most people?  Did we think it was a big, steaming, rancid pile of elephant dung?  Listen to find out!


NOTE: Originally recorded Summer of 2014

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Twitter: @TheSeaofMadness

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