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The Sea Of Madness podcast

The Sea of Madness is a horror movie review podcast that celebrates all that the genre has to offer. We break down the plots of our favorite movies, games, and other horror content to give you the biggest thrills and the bloodiest kills. Check us out, you won’t live to regret it.
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Dec 24, 2017

It's a Christmas miracle!  Four Santas, five killers, and 2 great holiday movies (and one that's not so great).  The usual gang of misfits are here and we review some recent Christmas horror movies, such as All Though the House, Better Watch Out, and Good Tidings...

Have a Horrorable Christmas!



Oct 26, 2017

Do you every have trouble finding scary movies to watch for Halloween?  Well, fret no more, Dave and I list some of our favorite, lesser known, horror movies.




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Oct 4, 2017

Henrique and I sit down with Matt Joseph from Horrorama, Dayton's oldest horror movie marathon.  We talk about It, classic horror movies, and about what's coming up for this years show.  Check it out!


Horrorama Dayton

Saturday, October 14th, 6:00 pm

Danbarry Dollar Saver - Huber Heights,...

Aug 31, 2017

We're back!  The gang is back to talk about the upcoming and much anticipated remake of Stephen King's It.  We also discuss other horror movies that feature clowns and Henrique does his best to make Dave cry.  Ah... reminds me of any family gathering...  Good times!

Apr 20, 2017

Blum House movies rock!

I have a quick discussion about the Blum House model and their movies with Henrique, Dave, and Ron.  Originally this was to supplement a podcast I did with Jason ( but due to issues with that recording, I'm releasing this separately.  



Check out Jason's podcast...