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The Sea Of Madness podcast

The Sea of Madness is a horror movie review podcast that celebrates all that the genre has to offer. We break down the plots of our favorite movies, games, and other horror content to give you the biggest thrills and the bloodiest kills. Check us out, you won’t live to regret it.
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Aug 31, 2016

A movie is only as good as its villain and we got horribly bad ones for you! In this episode, Josh and I each pick 5 movie villains that really drove us nuts. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know!


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Aug 4, 2016

Was that a howl in the night?  Did you see a dark shadow under the moonlight?  Darn skippy!  We pit the top 16 werewolf movies against each other to see which one emerges as the 'top dog'!  

Join Josh, Henrique and I as we discuss and rank the best werewolf movies of all time to find which one is the best.


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