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The Sea Of Madness podcast

The Sea of Madness is a horror movie review podcast that celebrates all that the genre has to offer. We break down the plots of our favorite movies, games, and other horror content to give you the biggest thrills and the bloodiest kills. Check us out, you won’t live to regret it.
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Oct 20, 2016

Sea of Madness Murder Party 


Come Alone


Welcome to the Sea of Madness Murder Party Halloween Special!

I sit down with Henrique, Chris, and Ron to discuss Murder Party and other Halloween movies that are near and dear to our cold, dark hearts.  

Did all of my guests make it to the end of the Podcast?  Yes...  

Did all of my guests leave the house alive?  Well, let me remind you that this was a Murder Party and at the end of a Murder Party, everybody dies...  Enjoy!


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